PF030 - Linear Polarizer by the foot fully laminated

This fully-laminated Polyvinyl Alcohol-Iodine filter has no color distortion and very good polarization efficiency (0.002% crossed transmission at 570 nm). The losses are low (38% transmission for unpolarized incident light).

It comes in a width of 17" (43 cm) and you can order any length in multiples of 1 foot (30 cm) (full roll is 400 ft long).  The transmission axis is parallel to the width. It comes with protective peel-off film on both sides.

It is 0.022 inch (0.56 mm) thick. Its thickness provides rigidity for free-standing applications.

Great for building large POLARISCOPES to detect residual stress in glass and plastics!

Also great in photography setups!

Linear polarized sheet PF030


Sold by length in multiples of 1 ft (30.5 cm).
For example, an order of 3 corresponds to 17 inches by 3 ft (43cm x 91.5cm).

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