PFHC_AG/HC-N - Polarizer with Anti-Glare and Hard-Coat


Perfect for repairing instruments with LCD screens with a damaged front polarizer, especially if they are used in the glare of the sun (e.g., the dashboard of some corvettes, avionics, etc.) This film has a mate anti-glare coating to decrease reflections from external lights (e.g., sunlight, fluorescent lights, etc.) and a hard-coat to resist scratches.

Note: the film that some non-LCD avionics instrumens have (e.g. LED type) to block glare is a circular polarizer. This film is NOT for decreasing the glare of a display behind it. The anti-glare coating is only for decreasing its own front reflection so it looks matte, not glossy.

This particular film should be applied directly over any image to be seen through it (e.g., LCD screen). It CANNOT be used to look at a distant image (e.g., on eyewear) as the antiglare coating will give a hazy/frosted appearance.

This is a very high quality polarizer used in the manufacture of LCDs. It has high-contrast and 42.3% transmission. It is neutral gray. The glue is exposed by peeling off a film from the backside and has the adherence of standard adhesive tape. It also has a protective film on the front side that should be removed upon application. It blocks UV.

ATTENTION: New Sizes (narrower large sheets)

The film is 0.2 mm thick (0.3 mm with the protective layers).  It is shipped flat.  The size of a full sheet is 500 x 1000 mm (19.7 x 39.5 inches). It is also offered as a half a sheet (50 x 50 cm = 20 x 20 inches) and in small sizes (25 x 15 cm = 10 x 6 inches). The transmission axis is parallel to the width on the full sheet and the small pieces.

Single Transm.

Parallel Transm.

Crossed Transm.

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Attention International Clients: If you order half or full sheet sizes, we will email you to confirm shipping charges.

LCD polarizer with antiglare

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