PF006_EDU Linear Polarizer Film educational grade

SAVE 33%!

We have temporarily lowered the price even more!

Perfect for Education and Science Fairs!

It comes in a width of 17" (43cm) and you can order any length in multiples of 1 foot (30.5cm).  The transmission axis is parallel to the width. It is 0.006 inch (0.15 mm) thick.

This is the same material as our standard grade PF006 general-purpose linear polarizing film but in a second "educational" grade. You can save 33% 50% compared to the standard grade. It may have some some waveviness or dents, but its polarizing specs remain very good:

Transmittance single: 38% +/- 1% @ 550 nm
Transmittance crossed: < 0.005 @ 430 - 670 nm
Polarizing efficiency: > 99.9 %

Just $10 per linear foot, that's only 4.9 cents/square inch  (0.8 cent/cm2).

Easy to cut with scissors to any shape.

Polarizing Film rolls

Sold by length in multiples of 1 ft (30.5 cm).
For example, an order of 5 corresponds to 17 inches by 5 ft (43cm x 91.5cm).
Minimum Order: 3 feet

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